Diamonds for polishing machines are anchored to them using different types of support depending on the manufacturer of our machine. In the case of Scanmaskin polishers, for example, we will need a “dovetail” type of support (due to its shape); while in an Airtec polisher the shape is very different, “cloud” type. These are some of the most common supports for diamond tools to polish surfaces depending on the machine we have. Here we go!

1. Diamonds for HTC grinding machines

They are folded supports slightly more open on one side than the other and are easily anchored to the polisher.

2. Diamonds for Scanmaskin grinding machines

As we mentioned before, its “dovetail” design makes the diamond plate to be anchored tightly to the grinding machine.

3. Diamonds for Husqvarna grinding machines

These plates are very similar to those used by Scanmaskin grinding machines but with more rounded corners and a slightly smaller size.

4. Diamonds for Airtec grinding machines

Airtec gridning machines need a cloud type coupling like the one in the photo above.

5. Diamonds for Diamatic Norton grinding machines

Whether we have a Diamatic or a Norton grinding machine, the type of support we will need is this one in the shape of a trapezoid and three threads. This way they will be firmly anchored to our grinder withour a problem.

6. Diamonds for Contec grinding machines

This is another type of screw mounted plate but with a different design than a Norton or a Diamatic grinding machine.

And remember! Take a good look at the support you need before placing an order. These are just some of the most common supports for concrete gridning machines, but if you cannot find a suitable support for your machine, leave us a comment and we will help you in any way we can!